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Safety, Health and Behavior at the MAGIC Site

Datataking shifters and technical shifters must read the Safety, Health and Behavior Rules document before travelling to La Palma, and sign a Check List after having taken a Safety Tour at the MAGIC Site.

This document has evolved during the past year. It contains detailed information on job profiles, rules for datataking and technical activities, emergency plans, safety and health issues, as well as some social rules for a correct behavior at the site.

You may ask any questions to the Site Manager or the GLIMOS who will introduce you to the telescope site on your first day at the Roque. He will also ask you to sign the check list included at the end of the safety document. You may not work at the MAGIC site without reading this document carefully, receiving a guided safety tour, and signing the safety check list.

Visitors of the MAGIC Site are recommended to read the Safety, Health and Behavior Rules for Visitors document before accessing the Site. Visitors that plan to stay part of the night at the MAGIC site, must read and understand it completely. They also have to sign the Check List and give it to their accompanying person, who is responsible that they know and follow the safety rules. In case of presence at night for the start of datataking, Visitors must also receive a guided Safety Tour by an expert (i.e. the shift leader or the local staff).

The coordinates for the current Operations and Safety Manager can be found in the contact list. General operation manuals (TOMs) related to work safety:

In the following, we link some presentations accessible online. View them during your shift to be prepared in case of emergency.